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Re: Trimming Down: Mixer options?

On Jan 24, 2011, at 7:28 AM, andy butler wrote:

> Mark Hamburg wrote:
>> Time to go study the SM82 and the MultiMix 8. (I do like the way Andy 
>> looks at these things and casually says that it shouldn't be that hard 
>to add an insert...)
> cheers Mark ;-)
> Any electronic repair shop would be able to make the mod
> for you.
> Beware the  'Multimix 8 *Line*' is very different from the confusingly 
>named 'Multimix 8'

Since people are bashing the Alesis's sound quality, what do you think the 
viability is of modding a Rane SM82S so that the main expand path or jacks 
could be turned into an insert?