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Re: OT: Double Bass Looping of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir (Mainstage+Mobius+Softstep)

Thanks Luis! Sure, I'm happy to answer any questions. We can discuss on 
list. Although anything I have done I have learned from reading all of 
Per's invaluable posts:) It helped to limit myself to only logic lugs in 
Mainstage, keep things simple. Any of my patches only consist of an EQ and 
one other logic plug. One patch for just reverb, one for delay, one for 
just a compressor for when I'm plucking versus bowing. Also the latest 
updates to OSX 10.6.5, which had mainstage improvements, and the latest 
mobius version is great. 

-Todd Matthews
> awesome Todd!!!
> here is another devoted Led Zeppelin fan,this is the band that has
> ever since i first hear them opened my musical journey
> i sill love them.
> I was asking recently if mainstage users here suffered from latency
> and CPU load,you seem to be doing ok.
> I wanted to try this same config,ive never used mobius as a
> plugin,would it be ok to contact you off list for you to help me
> configure it this way?
> or onlist uf loopers dont mind here;-)
> thanx
> Luis
> On Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 11:10 PM, Todd Matthews <gtmatthews@gmail.com> 
>> The softstep is working much better for me after this latest beta 
>> Mainstage has also been working much better for me as well after the 
>> OSX update. I've been in looping heaven all weekend. Here is a video of 
>> doing a looping version of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir on Double Bass. I 
>used an
>> Eventide Pitchfactor before I went into the computer where I controlled
>> mainstage and Mobius with the softstep. My discovery of Led Zeppelin 20
>> years ago was the spark of my obsession with music. Hope you enjoy it:
>> http://vimeo.com/19101413
>> -Todd Matthews