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Re: OT: Double Bass Looping of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir (Mainstage+Mobius+Softstep)

Great! Thanks Todd!!!

Always loved that tune, the lead vocal melody is so haunting!

2011/1/24 Todd Matthews <gtmatthews@gmail.com>
The softstep is working much better for me after this latest beta update. Mainstage has also been working much better for me as well after the last OSX update. I've been in looping heaven all weekend. Here is a video of me doing a looping version of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir on Double Bass. I used an Eventide Pitchfactor before I went into the computer where I controlled mainstage and Mobius with the softstep. My discovery of Led Zeppelin 20 years ago was the spark of my obsession with music. Hope you enjoy it:


-Todd Matthews

Petri Lahtinen
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