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Re: stereo

Amen, Bill! 

It's easier said than done for me. I have to constantly steer myself back 
on track.

-Todd Matthews
On Jan 23, 2011, at 11:55 AM, William Walker wrote:

> It was my not my intent to diss the use of stereo, For crying out loud 
>guys, I use stereo all the time, the recent recordings I've been doing 
>are actually using two separate rigs in stereo recorded simultaneously. 
>But when I do a gig , often times I am not offered the luxury of either a 
>stereo house sound or stereo monitors. If I'm playing solo and bringing 
>my stereo pa, I might be forced to aim on speaker out and on on the floor 
>facing back at me.  In fact it has been my experience that stereo is 
>usually the exception not the norm, in live sound systems. So what do I 
>do now that I don't have my precious stereo security blanket?  I use 
>different delays in series set to different beat values to create the 
>illusion of strereo imaging. It may not fullfill all of you stereo 
>experts ear candy needs but it works for me in real world situations 
>where stereo is not available. Obviously if you always have the luxury of 
>stereo when you play live this point is moot, but I don't .  Also I was 
>getting at an underlying issue that I didn't really clarify but is 
>something I've had on my mind recently, and that is I'm going through a 
>personal reavaluation in my own life about what is really necessary to 
>create music and what is not.  Over the summer I did  20  gigs with an 
>RnB singer friend of mine where we had so little set space for gear that 
>I could only bring one amp. Now for the last 10 years or so my live band 
>rig has always included two tube amps, in stereo split from my fulltone 
>chorus. But over the course of several gigs, though I missed the vox amp 
>and its sublime tremolo, I realized it wasn't essential to playing well 
>and having a good experience. I've had the same epiphany about loopers 
>lately. My looping has been refined to fewer and fewer tracks and a new  
>acoustic duo project I'm putting together will have some looping, but it 
>will probably be simplified to a pair of simple loopers (we'll be using 2 
>LP-2's for syncing to each other). The idea is that we will use loops 
>very sparingly and concentrate I writing material that doesn't even need 
>looping to be delivered. The overall feeling I have had , is that 
>technology needs to take a backseat so that I can get back to what for me 
>is  most essential , and that is writing good music.
> Bill