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Re: m13 - m9

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, Gareth Whittock wrote:
> I'm thinking of getting one of these for psychedelic/ambient textures, 
> (in combination with laptop looping and special effects).
> I'm currently using Guitar rig 4 for this.
> What's the verdict guys? Pro's and cons?
> Peace
> G
The m9, for me, is a single desert island, multi-purpose stomp box/live 
looping pedal.
There are a plethora of cool effects (that can be midi synced) and a good
DL-4 looper (replete with forward/backward/1/2 speed/double speed options
and even a single level of undo, redo).

I'm amazed at how much cool stuff is in this box, from all the de riguer
modulation, delay, distortion, verb, eq and filter modelings and a bunch 
of idiosyncratic
weirdness that I particularly love (pattern tremolos to an amazing
verb called  "Particle Verb" that I use far too much of this past year).

I don't even use it for it's looping capabilities but you can use up to
three different effects (in 3 banks of 3 per scene) and place them
post or pre loop.

Additionally,  Bill Putnam just hipped me to the fact that it is
a very small footprint, simple midi controller even if you don't want
to use the effects and looper.

I like that it has only a two stomp box profile (the M13 has more in it
but it's to big for my tastes and precludes the use of a lot of other
stomp box pedals which I adore).

My next festival setup will probably be 2 LP-2 mini loopers, one placed
on either side of the M9.

that's a lot of looping power with synchronizing abilities.

Highly recommended.   Five Stars from moi,  Gareth.