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Re: LP2 at namm Louie's start/stop


MIDI Clock is (typically) sent whether the master is running or not.

The MIDI spec  requires that "Start" "Continue" and "Stop" commands 
be used to control subsequent devices.

The solution that you seek would be to send a MIDI "Start" command on 
the downbeat immediately following the loop end point defined by the 
"second tap" while the looper is in the initial record phase.

>ok, you definitely lost me now,
>can you elucidate your point?
>Charles Zwicky wrote:
>>Shouldn't matter either way if it adheres to the MIDI spec...
>>>Many thanks for the 2880 info.
>>>..but we're talking about using the looper as the master here.
>>>I don't know if the LP2 continues to send clock after it's stopped,
>>>but it certainly can't send worthwhile clock *before* the length
>>>is defined by tapping ;-)
>>>andy b
>>>Charles Zwicky wrote:
>>>>Andy B,
>>>>The "Start/Stop" is an separate MIDI command and many (if not most?)