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Re: OT? Driving a VG unit and guitar synth

I have a US-20 and presently drive an Axon AX-50 
and a WP-20. It works great, lets you run one or 
the other or both. I paid $250.00 for it but in 
the long run it's been worth it because it works 
and it lets me do what I wanted to do. The other 
device from Germany that I think you're referring 
to is a SW41 by Klaus Schock ( 
) It's designed to use up to 4 different guitars 
going out to one 13 pin device. He doesn't make 
them on a regular basis, I ordered one last year 
about this time and only just now recieved it, 
but haven't had time to play with it yet. Oh, and 
the price of that is 215.00 eur.

Recently I've been experimenting with a breakout 
box and running each string into bidule and 
processing them individually. Got some 
interesting results, but boy was that a drain on 
the cpu! Of course if you have enough stomp boxes 
you could do the same thing with hardware and 
then bring each signal into a mixer. I tried to 
use the US-20 with the breakout box but for some 
reason the switching doesn't work and you always 
have the signal from the BOB on but I could turn the synth side on and off.

Paul Haslem
Ontario, Canada

At 07:59 AM 1/20/2011, you wrote:
>On 1/20/11 4:01 PM, "Per Boysen" <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Can't you simply put  MIDI cable fr.o.m. The VG into the utger device?
>Won't work, in most cases.  The VG, of course, requires an actual audio
>signal to process via its COSM algorithm, so it's obvious why that's a
>non-starter through MIDI.  However, most (all?) other guitar synths will
>also require a guitar-type controller to trigger the synth engine; they
>cannot be played via normal MIDI note input.  So the architecture needs to
>be a "split and run in parallel" setup, rather than a "chain one device
>after another" effect run.
>Now if the question were concerning the VG in tandem with a generic MIDI
>synth module, your solution would work just fine.  I've done the same with
>my VG-99 in conjunction with a JV-1080.  Unfortunately in this case, both
>devices need to be driven from a GK-style pickup controller.
>Unless I overlooked something in the original problem description.
>(P.S. There's another footswitch besides the GKP-4 or US-20 that will 
>you to take two GK inputs and route them to three different devices.  
>It's a
>custom job from a different company out of, I think, Germany.  It's
>expensive, but not so much more than having to pay $200 for a US-20.  At
>least you feel like you're getting something besides ripped off for that
>         --m.