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Re: LP2 at namm Louie's start/stop

Many thanks for the 2880 info.
..but we're talking about using the looper as the master here.

I don't know if the LP2 continues to send clock after it's stopped,
but it certainly can't send worthwhile clock *before* the length
is defined by tapping ;-)

andy b

Charles Zwicky wrote:
> Andy B,
> The "Start/Stop" is an separate MIDI command and many (if not most?) 
> devices spew MIDI clock continuously.  When I connect my Electro 
> Harmonix 2880 to my Korg Electribe and start the 2880 from it's front 
> panel (rather than by pressing "start" on the Electribe)  the looper is 
> constantly synched to the MIDI tempo and the loops will speed up and 
> slow down if I change the drum machine's tempo,  even if  it is "stopped"