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Re: RE: LP2 at namm Louie's start/stop

> Can you imagine Roland, which continually releases products with 
> lack of features,
> being responsive to a thread on this list by someone who says,  "It's
> unfortunate that
> such and such a feature doesn't exist on this product.  Why don't you 
> it"

No,i can not imagine Roland doing anything about it but i can imagine
Bob doing it,i was under the impression that he was open to
suggestions since it has been on the beta stages as he has been with
the LP1.Before the line 6 M9 came out they were open to suggestions
and i kept i insiting on an octave effect for bass lines and i was so
glad that they implemented that on their upgrade,dont know if my
suggestion was responsable for that but they were sure listening.

> It's a done deal once they've committed to releasing something and 
> has to sit
>around for two or three years until the next thing comes out and pray that
> they listened to their users.

ok good to know case closed.