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Re: LP2 at namm

Luis Angulo wrote:
>> >  Im interested in the LP2s midi capabilities,i think thats what would
>> >  also make it a seller and beat the upcoming new stomp loopers
>> >  competition,none of them seem to be midi.
>> >  if i may suggest some essential midi functions which are also in the 
>> >  
>> >  Start/stop
>> >  MuteReAlign -  Immediately Mute and restart the loop at next Global
>> >  MIDI StartPoint
>> >  QuantMIDIStartSong - Wait to next Local Loop StartPoint and then send
>> >  a StartSong
>> >  MuteQuantMIDIStartSong -  Immediately Mute, then wait to next
>> >  StartPoint and send StartSong
>> >  Retrigger
>> >  
>> >  if it did this the LP2 combined with the Adrenalinn would b the bomb!
>> >  Luis
The LP-2 Mini Looper is a stomp box pedal,  Luis and couldn't possibly 
have all
the features you suggest and be able to be priced as inexpensively as it 

The LP-2 sends and receives midi clock: pure and simple.  It is a mono 
unit and has input volume control and
an LED VU meter for input volume (unlike others on the market).  It 
stores 8 loops (and records them automatically while you improvise).  It 
has 30 levels of undo.  It has feedback control (with an additional 
expression pedal).

Through 4 buttons It has control of these loop effects:   1/2 speed, 1/4 
speed (nothing
else has this), reverse, re-trigger (one shot), re-trigger (continuous), 
trigger (random-nothing has this either),
  continue (restart where you last stopped),  momentary control of 
replace, Q-replace
in increments of 8th, 16th, triplet 8th, triplet 16ths and in 7/8, 9/8, 
10/8 as well as 1/64 (manual glitching) it runs on a 9va battery or 
typical 9va, 300ma, tip,neg walwart, It is the same size of two stomp 
box pedals.

It's feature set is finished, costs $300, street price and ships on 
March 1st.

Check the market.   That's an astonishing amount of features at that price.

I used it for two solid days at NAMM and there's a lot of music in 
it.........a lot!
It may not have every single thing you want, Luis, but it has better 
than the EDP and you can buy two of them to sync together for the price 
of a used EDP these days.

And, if that doesn't float your boat,  I've got 2 EDPs with very few 
miles on them for sale right now.
You can have all the features you desire.

rick walker