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Re: EDP as an Audio Sequencer

never got both to sync properly
use one or both independently is way more fun and less time consuming;-)

On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 8:08 AM, John Metzler <jarofjam@me.com> wrote:
> Hello Loopers.
> I'd love to hear from some of you who have used multiple EDP's as an 
>audio sequencer with a MIDI sequencer/drum machine.  I have an EDP for a 
>Bass Guitar and a second one for an Electric Guitar.  I'm programing an 
>MPC 1000 to send the commands and MIDI Clock to the EDPs.   I'm only 
>trying to do simple Verse/Chorus/Bridge stuff.  I'll record a couple of 
>differently layered versions of a chorus and a verse and then trigger the 
>loops with switch-quantized loop trigger commands to arrange the parts. 
> I have not yet found a reliable way to keep both of the EDP's from 
>slipping out of time with each other.  Even brother syncing them slips 
>most of the time.
> Andy and Matthias have both been helpful in pointing out some 
>possibilities.  But unfortunately I haven't had any solid luck with any 
>method I've tried yet.  I also asked an old list member named Claud Voit, 
>but he wasn't into making music with loops anymore.
> Any success stories out there using the same techniques I'm employing?
> ---John AM.