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Re: another mobius question - a new one! - presets/parameters

Dear Jeff,

obviously, Keith already replied naming just the requirement I had for
using the *Mode=Sustain settings.

If I understand this correctly, this would work by doing the following:
Say currently I use one button on my MIDI remote which triggers a
script called "toggelsus", which if the various mode parameters are
set to normal sets them to sustain and vice versa.
In the future (and the future is NOW, i.e. 1.43), I'd rather have two
different sets of MIDI bindings: in one, the buttons on my floor board
are mapped to the normal (latching) versions of the commands. In the
other one, the buttons are mapped to their sus counterpart.
Then, I'd make a script which, triggered by the button on my MIDI
remote, changes between those two sets of MIDI bindings?

For me, it seems, it means I have to wait some time until I'm ready to
use 1.43: this "switching to sus" is such a central part of my user
interface, and it seems to me that it requires at least some work to
get that going with the new version...so if we'd have that same
behaviour as an option for backwards compatibility, this would be
really great!

Btw, thanks for the hint regarding the local variables - need to try
that as soon as I get home. Strangely, the script you/Simeon posted
earlier didn't seem to work with version 1.42, but I might also have
missed something here - or is this expected?

What a great world for looping people...



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