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a fun little mobius script and a question

ok, so here's what i've come up with using the trimend thing to create "reichian" loops

!name copypan
set switchquantize off
set emptytrackaction copy
set pan 0
rateshift 12
set 8thspercycle 16
set pan 127
rateshift 12
variable lastslice subcyclecount * 2
variable trimslice lastslice -1
wait until subcycle trimslice

this is for 1.43 - if you're still on 1.42, you'll need to change line 3 to "set trackcopy sound"

play with the 8thspercycle value to control the degree of rhythmic shift and play with the instantmultiply value to control how often the shift occurs
very high values of 8thspercycle give a nice "two pianos" feel and low values give a more rhythmic feel.

one question though

if i add "wait cycle" at the start, to make the whole thing happen on the cycle boundary, i get no audio copied into track 2 - why is this???