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Re: Q Steps (SUS = Substitute) commands in the LP-1

Rick Walker wrote:
> true
> SUS commands are not possible in the LP-1.
> (wouldn't that be fairly easy to program into the software of the unit, 
> out of curiosity?)

Being easy to program isn't an issue for SUS.
As a long term fan of the LP-1 I'd see it this way:-

As the LP-1 user interface is conceived
as being operable with a *basic midi controller 
that doesn't need to be programmed* it wouldn't really
make a lot of sense to add SUS functions.

The 2 obvious downsides of implementing SUS are that the user would have 
to ensure
the midi controller was programmed correctly, and that the 
simplicity of the LP-1 midi-learn procedure would be compromised.

otoh power users can already achieve a SUS functionality
if they use a more sophisticated midi controller.

Actually I really like that LP-1 behaviour where multiple
taps on a switch can create an alternation of replaced
and un-replaced chunks.
That's totally a by product of the Faux-SUS behaviour
...what I'd call an "emergent feature".
That's the sort of thing (abundant on the edp) that really
brings the whole looping tech thing alive for me.

;-) Enough with the EDP copying,
neither the LP1, nor for that matter Mobius
greatly benefit from it. Just tends towards a disjointed
feature set and awkward user interface.

e.g. to achieve the QReplace function that the LP-1 now has could have
been done by simply implementing a "wait for the next QStep"
command...that would give *exactly* the same sound and also
open up the possibility for a lot of other tricks.
(and it would have been one less item on the menu...always a plus point) 

andy butler