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RE: LP-1: 1.34 or 1.37?

Let me know a phone number best to reach you and we can get started.

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From: William Walker [mailto:billwalker@baymoon.com] 
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2011 1:30 PM
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Subject: LP-1: 1.34 or 1.37?

> Current consensus is that 1.34c is the most stable,
> with 1.37 being good for most users.

  Hey Andy,

I can't remember if I asked you what your stability issues with 1.37  
were. What were you doing to cause it to crash? So far I have some  
problems when recording a really short loop and then starting to mess  
with it with track speed and q replace, occasionally a false trigger  
will send the machine into self oscillation. Occasionally if I get too  
trigger happy using q replace the machine will take some time to  
finish all of the cycles, but thats more about me being careless with  
my technique.  I still have somewhat of a volume issue where  
subsequent tracks I create seem to be progressively  louder than  the  
last ones I made,  that doesn't  seem to be caused by typical  issues  
of playing louder to rise above an increasingly saturated soundscape.   
This issue I have been compensating for by being more conscious of how  
I'm attacking the instrument  and how I use compression. There also  
seem to be the reoccurring issues of too many overdubs on a single  
track saturating and clipping the output, if feedback is set at 100%.
Thoughts, reflections, insights??????