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Re: The EDP and the Looperlative and me

Cool thanks Andy, i have 1.3 been stable for me. Noticed lately that  
if I have eight tracks going sometimes I lose midi control, keeps  
playing but no control, have to shut off lp1

  hey Andy O,  because there is no "buffer memory full"  indicator,  
there is no way to tell if you are reaching maximum memory capacity,  
so it may just be that with all of those tracks recorded, plus tracks  
of various lengths and depending how the memory handles functions like  
replace and multiply you may have run out of available memory and the  
machine can't procees any more information. This happens to me on the  
occasion that I've been running loops for several hours without doing  
a complete all tracks erase, and doing a lot of replacing of tracks  
without ever completely clearing the memory and starting over again.