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Re: Re: (re)-discovering your gear that sits on your board (bossslicer)

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, Dustbunnies wrote:
> Yep, like the DD-20, this one is a sleeper.  There are some very cool 
> things that you can get it to do, with a little advanced thought. 
Would you be into resinging those praises,  Duke.
I've never used a dedicated digital delay stomp box pedal but
I'm suddenly really hankering to learn how to do that.
I've heard people talk about the coolness of the DD-20 but never really
known what hip alternative things it can do.

and sorry for asking so much from you.   Your posts have just really lit 
a fire under
me today on this first day of 2011.

Great way to start.  Thanks for your creativity.

rick walker