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"1.37 is (I think) what Bill uses, it's too flaky for *some* of what I've tried to do with it."

 1.37  has been stable for me. When Bob gets the time he will debug 1.38 but he has his hands full right now with other matters. Andy i'm not sure what you are doing to cause it to be flaky , I know that if I false trigger a record command and create a really short loop, the loop can go in to runaway feedback, if I don't get out of overdub right away and sometimes it will even if I do.  Unfortunately there has yet to be established a list of multiple command sequences that do and don't work. So in essence,  if you decide to try a command sequence and by that I mean any  set of multiple commands sent from a single press of a switch you may achieve the results you want and you may not. For example, don't try doubling up a record command and a reverse command, it won't work. trust me I've tried it.  But reverse will work coupled with a replace function very well.