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Re: (OT) REJECTING MASS MEDIA CULTURE (media and "media")

Ultra conservatives do not own ethics, they just pretend they do. That's why they threaten with violence anyone who diagrees with their take on what is moraly sound. 

The conservatives and wealthy special interests also control, and / or own most of the "media," as well, and most wealthy special interests and major corps(es) are not exactly known for being "liberal" or "progressive". That's a big obstacle to overcome / get around, especially when you have multiple millions of willingly and blissfully dumbed down, brain dead and clueless others buying into the "goods" that are being sold to them daily / hourly by the major "media" and of course on (haha) "fair and balanced" Faux Fraudcasting, and even covertly by much of television's "entertainment". And also, even a bit of certain crap coming out of Hollywood, although I would say that HW is the least of the offenders with this.

Also, here in the USA, check out some of the major underwriters for National "Public" Radio / TV sometimes. Texaco, Ford, GE, and the list goes on...

This is another reason why I still defend the Internet, because for the first time ever in human history, people in different cultures just about everywhere can communicate DIRECTLY
and not have to rely on getting their information (or "information") about others in other countries, and about those countries, via only the owned and controlled media (or "media"), 
government or otherwise, in those other countries. Of course, there are and have been some exceptions, and usually found more in the UK and Europe (and?), but over here in the 
USA it is mostly "forget it". (although the LA Times is still decent and also recently published an editorial that slammed Faux!  Excellent!)

Cocoa Puffs,
Rev. Fever

PS-The FCC OK'ed Net Neutrality!  I'll wager that the conservatives and the major corps(es) control freaks are PISSED and FUMING over this since they were VERY MUCH AGAINST it. 
(Now gee, imagine that, eh?)  And of course, and predictably, the blowhards and wind bags in the sewer of right wing "talk" shows are all going ballistic about it and calling it a
"government TAKEOVER!" of the Internet, etc etc blah blah blah. These clowns just never give up. But, that is what they are paid to do, so....

'The Federal Communications Commission has passed controversial new rules that prevent Internet providers from playing favorites or blocking access to Web sites that offer rival services. Three of the panel's five members voted in favor of the plan.'


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On 2010-12-21, at 15:21, Paul Mimlitsch <pmimlitsch@mac.com> wrote:

the problem is your dealing with a crowd of hypocrits who's ethics are ordained from above - there is no debate!

On Dec 21, 2010, at 3:25 AM, antonyhequet@yahoo.com wrote:

one thing you will notice is that the ultra conservatives have created a de facto monopoly on ethics; they are the keepers of morality. This is a real problem. Ethics are the most important topic of debate, the fibre of society.