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Re: Travis & Fripp (an article about looping ?)

Wow, thats so cool.. I have to say that I LOVE Spain as a country, and would love to live in the Catalan area, but almost never played there... only when supporting the Cure did we ever make it there..

To be honest, its not that Spain has (I should say had.. I have no idea now) a particularly bad music scene, its that France has (had) a terrible music scene, and apart from Paris, Lille and .... there I ran out... So on a tour schedule its not possible roputing wise to drive through France, do Spain and come back, unless theres some seriously long drives or missed days (bad for biz)


On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 8:42 PM, Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:
On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 8:32 PM, mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com> wrote:
> no gigs in Spain...

I know this thread is in joke mode right now but fact is a Swedish
stoner band I know says Spain is their best audience! I was amazed to
hear, but must believe what they are saying cause they go there all
the time.


mark francombe
twitter @markfrancombe