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On 12/13/10 10:37 AM, "tEd  KiLLiAn" <tedkillian@charter.net> wrote:
> Keeping in mind that I am strictly in the Apple/Mac computer dominion
> and prefer FireWire connectivity, what do people suggest?

I've had extremely good luck with the Edirol interfaces.  I've purchased
both the FA-101 (10x10) and the FA-66 (6x6).  No glitching, 10 minute 
plenty of features and great sound.  Can't complain about either interface.

Additionally, I had need of a super-small FireWire interface a while back,
and Per hipped me onto the Echo AudioFire 2.  It was exactly what I needed:
2in/2out with S/PDIF, MIDI, & even a phone output (bonus!).  All in a box
about the same size as a pack of smokes.  Sounds exceptional, so if you're
in the market, I'd check out their stuff.

Finally, I'd be careful with an Apogee purchase.  I always thought their
stuff was supposed to be the cat's meow, then I started getting on some
hi-end audio engineering and mastering forums a couple years ago.  These
were mostly guys who wouldn't sneeze twice at spending 5 grand on an A/D or
D/A converter, and they did not have a high opinion of Apogee at all. Their
opinion was that the quality was in the same general range as the MOTU
interfaces, but the price was way out of whack for that level of
performance.  Overall, they didn't think the Apogee boxes were bad product,
just that they were priced way too high for the quality that came out of
them, and that almost any other "pro" interface could wipe the carpet with

That said, I believe the Duo is actually reasonably priced, so that may
remove some of that argument.  But overall, the mastering guys were looking
at most of the Apogee interfaces as way overpriced for the quality that you
get.  If you're going to spend that much money, there are better choices