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Re: Gordius LG/quiet switches

Cool, Bill. I'm happy with my LG2 too. As for the switcher sound
loudness I think it sounds like tapping a green Stratocaster's pick
guard with a thick jazz pick. Yeah bub, gotta be specific in this
floating universe... I use mine with eight banks, seven for Mobius
looping commands and one for pre looper stomp box effects in Mainstage
(yep all laptop here). Each bank uses the ten on-board switches plus
two externally two expression pedals and two extra switches. One
expression pedal and one external switch are always used as "sustain
pedal" (technically set to freeze a reverb). The other expression
pedal mostly targets looper Mobius Feedback, except for after having
kicked some specific switches that give this pedal some alternative
temporary new target.

I use the LG2 function of "virtual FCB pads" to make the LG2 send a
"100 percent Feedback" message to Mobius every time I change bank on
the LG2. For me that's good because when I jump frenetically between
looper banks and stomp effect control banks I could otherwise forget
the Feedback at a setting that will make me loose the loop's audio
(not that I couldn't fix that with a couple of kicks at the Mobius
Undo switch, but less egg on face is favorable).

I do all the control data scaling in Mainstage. LG2 has some simple
scaling of the output data but that won't work for me because I tend
target up to five or six different effect parameters by the same pedal
and each parameter has to answer in a particular way; some may be
cross fading while others may only kick in at a given value or rather
work in a momentary way than as on/off or continuous etc etc. I love
that the LG2 is so reliable! It only sends out the data you have
programmed it to send out, the FCB is just disastrous with that.

The only issue I'm having with the LG2 is that you need to have access
to a Windows computer to set it up. Some new version 2 features aren't
even available by manually programming the LG2 with the built-in
system using the scroll wheel. I use to borrow my son's pc to fix what
I can't get at by manual programming and to save the backup to a USB
stick. I wish I hadn't deleted the Windows XP partition on my Macbook
when recently installing a sampler because it would have been nice to
have instant access to LG2 setup from the performance lappy. A Mac
editor is planned but as we all know that expression coming from a
developer/manufacturer might mean two weeks as well as two years ;-))

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com internet music hub

On Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 4:11 AM, William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> 
>    I just wanted to let you know I got my Gordius Little Giant back 
> its Version 2 upgrade, and I love the way the new LCD graphic display 
> and the new flexibility of the 1/4 cc outputs on the back of which I 
> begun to scratch the surface . One cool thing about its LCD display is 
> it shows in large full screen numbers what patch I happen to be on and it
> has a screen saver mode. In its earlier version the characters where 
> and less easy to see from a distance, This is great for my middle age
> peepers. Its been a work horse since I got it, its built like a tank, its
> switches have fast response and are quieter than most , though I'm 
> by Andy's idea of putting some foam on the inside to dampen the acoustic
> chamber aspect of the chassis itself, to see if i can minimize mechanical
> noise even further. If it weren't for the fact that the original  LCD 
> started to dim, I might have never considered the version 2 firmware 
> but I'm glad Xavier convinced me to do it. He made a great piece of gear
> even better. Its never failed me 5 years of almost  daily use.  If I 
> move to a lap top this will easily make the transition vis its USB port.
>  Since the LG also has a second pair of midi ins and outs, I have on
> occasion  been using an old roland FC-50 midi pedal as a remote to 
> add more preset switches  to control more parameters on my 
>looperlative, or
> use a slightly quieter remote switch in critical open mic recording
> situations. The Roland pedal switches like this are about as quiet as 
> come mechanical noise-wise but do become creaky sounding with wear and 
> The FCB's switches are a little noisier still to my ears with even more 
> related issues, though as has been pointed out before, its possible to
> trigger the Gordius switches with a very light touch and create almost no
> mechanical noise.
> Bill