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Re: max/msp vs. eventide

Hi Gents.

Nice encapsulation of the Max/MSP pitch-shifting world, Stefan!  

It's been my experience that the computer just cannot process fast enough yet to do real-time Pitch-Shifting, fft or otherwise.  I still use only my Eventide Orville when I really need that, and it works fine, though I still 'feel' the tiniest bit of latency.  I have no experience with the Eclipse, though our good friend Erdem does.

However, I just recently purchased an Eventide Pitch Factor because I just can't travel with that Orville anymore, and I am very pleasantly surprised.  It's solved all my issues and is in general a great box. 

That said, I know that in the Max/MSP world algorithms are in continual process and I'd not be surprised if real good shifting comes into being relatively soon.  As it is, Puremagnetik has written some Max for Live patches which include a real time pitch shifter which, if you're into a slightly colored sound, doesn't work bad at all, in fact, it sounds pretty interesting!  (that whole M4L pack is worth my investment, not bad, $40 bucks.)

I hope that contributes something to the conversation!  Cheers, everyone.