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Re: Who's using what...LP1 backup

Andy Owens wrote:
> Wow, upload/download loops would be cool for the LP1, thanks for that 
>info Andy. I have an old alesis drum machine I like because I can send 
>midi start stop to it in a command string that starts recording a loop at 
>the same time, but if you could upload several loops for a starting 
>rhythm that would be cool. 

Unfortunately the loops won't be remembered by the LP1 when it's switched 

> I really need a non laptop drum machine option, maybe some of yall have 
>suggestions. I bought an MPC but to clunky to program for my tastes, but 
>anxious to wirk it in someday. 

Try making the beats live with whatever instrument you have to hand and 
loop 'em.

> So, I have heard good and bad about Softstep in here, what is the 

There were some teething troubles when it was released.
Consensus is that once these are overcome it's a great product.
...but I our resident softsteppers went off to talk on a
Yahoo group and haven't reported back for a while.

andy butler