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Re: Dumb newbie's question...Ableton anyone?

Pfffff...only if you let them.

 Like Per said, he doesn't look at the screen that much. It's JUST
another tool: once you've learned what you need to do with it, you're
not looking at the screen that much...

I'm finding the "inclusion" (NOTE BENE: I said "inclusion" not
"transition to") of the computer to be a very smooth and unobtrusive
process. Maybe because I view it as simply another piece of gear, just
not in the rack.

Patrick, by all means pursue the idea of using Ableton. And check out
the list of looping hardware and software that Per put together:


...it's much more up to date than the profiles on the list here. Yes,
there's more than a few folks still using hardware from the 90's and
earlier (I still use two Lexicon Vortexes, but I've cut back from the
four I used to own), but then a lot of that gear can now be had
cheaply though places like eBay...so it's a good way to get started in
looping (tho' the price of a "pristine" Echoplex has certainly not

But if you're already comfortable working in Ableton, why not continue
and go deeper? We all would like the "process" of getting to the point
of actually playing to be easier, but some days I think that the
playing is our reward for all the preparations.

Just my $.05 this last day of November (inflation, ya know!).




On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 7:53 AM, Reyn Ouwehand <loopers-delight@reyn.net> 
>> the problem with computers is that they tend to draw your attention 
>away from the music and into the screen...
>> Antony Hequet
> Wow... well said... Never thought about it like that...