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Re: Compressor-Sustain Pedal Advice

Showalter sez "The Philospher's Tone from Pigtronix."

 This is my new best friend, this compressor is every bit the pedal the keeley is but quiter like the carl martin ( I currently own all three) and cheaper than both, tiny so you can leave it on  and tuck it somwhere un-obtrusive. the grit control is a bit fizzy for me but works well as a spice when using another overdrive pedal, or when maxed with the sustain maxed. Runs from 9-18 volts, but not on batteries, comes with a power supply.

 If money was no object this is really getting me all hot and bothered at the moment: http://www.pigtronix.com/products08/philosopherking.html
 which combines their compressor and a fully functioning ADSR with expression pedal ports for swell and fade variation, has anyone discussed this before? 
 I was wondering when someone would create a pedal like this, but then I probably haven't been paying really close attention.