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Re: what I do on a PC?

Simplest solution would be to run through your set on the mac,
recording onto pc all the audio that comes from the loops to create
a "music minus one cello" version.
Then when the big day comes, just press playback and play

What you've been asked is about as reasonable as insisting
you play your set on tuba.


Zoe Keating wrote:
> I have to do my thing for a corporate gig and they insist that I use a 
> PC. Sigh....
> Ableton should be possible although it looks like Sooperlooper and 
> MidiPipe is Mac only and I'll have to learn Mobius.
> My main question...
> What is the equivalent of Apple Script on a PC? I launch Apple Scripts 
> to open and close Ableton sets...does anyone do this on a PC?
> tanks, Z