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Re: what I do on a PC?

just wanted to add...

the reason i suggest this, is because if you try to go down the route of bending the PC to your will, it's going to be all about the gear. it'll take days (weeks?) to get it all sorted (if you even manage it), you'll be on a steep learning curve and you'll be worried that it'll all work properly on the night. if it doesn't, then you'll come away feeling frustrated and maybe even angry or disappointed. if you go down the standalone mobius route, you can be up and running in an afternoon (we'll all help you get set up) and then it's just down to your musicianship - something you know well and something that doesn't change. you won't need to worry about the gear and you can just get on and play.


On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 11:07 AM, Simeon Harris <simeonharris40@googlemail.com> wrote:
zoe - this only really becomes a problem if you try to keep to your current method and play your tunes as you normally do.

one strategy my be to abandon everything and kind of start again. just use one instance of mobius...put a few basic functions on your footpedal....and dare i say it....improvise...?

you've been asked to play and they've told you what gear to use, but they havn't told you WHAT to play!

whatever you decide to do, best of luck with it!


On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 3:49 AM, Zoe Keating <info@zoekeating.com> wrote:
I have to do my thing for a corporate gig and they insist that I use a PC. Sigh....

Ableton should be possible although it looks like Sooperlooper and MidiPipe is Mac only and I'll have to learn Mobius.

My main question...

What is the equivalent of Apple Script on a PC? I launch Apple Scripts to open and close Ableton sets...does anyone do this on a PC?

tanks, Z