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Re: @Bill, empty loop, or looperlative/EDP trick (composition?)

oh...on the sequencer side of things, i have also been playing around with the sequencer in bidule to manipulate tracks in mobius. one nice thing i discovered after watching lots of steve reich on youtube, is to use the sequencer to slip a track one subcycle every cycle. i'm using this in the context of a pair of identical loops (one is a copy of the other - panned left and right). each time one of the tracks reaches it's end point, it slips one subcycle forward. if 8ths per cycle is set to something like 16, then you get some interesting rhythms going. if it's set to 128, then you get the phase looping that Reich favours with the tracks very gradually slipping out of phase...locking into a tight rhythm for a bit and then slipping out again. sounds great if you record a simple note sequence and then set both tracks to double speed. i have a script that sets all this up for me as i close the initial loop.


On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 9:39 AM, Simeon Harris <simeonharris40@googlemail.com> wrote:
interesting thread. i personally love sus replace - was using with the lp-1 and now with mobius. sounds great if you further process the loop with synced delays and filters, etc. one trick i did stumble upon with the lp-1, which i also used a lot and which gives a similar vibe is to create an empty loop...scramble it...and THEN overdub audio into it. leave lots of space as you play and you'll hear little slices appearing all over the place in a pleasing random (but not unquantised) fashion. especially good if you can mute the live signal and just hear the loop on it's own


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> JEEZE MARK... Now that is a fucking fantastic wah... what is it? how much it cost? and where did you get it? do they have any more?, do they ship? how fast????
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> .. ah now I got to the replacing.. neato

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