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Re: Coma - My instantsongmastering.com review

mark francombe schrieb:
> They were not the same Rainer, I definitely heard differences, but 
> whether they were correct or good, is very debatable, I certainly 
> preferred Andres mix. As I think I said, it sounded like a Radio Limit 
> to me... bit muffled... I wonder what happens if you give them a 
> really shitty sounding mix? Worth a try for a laugh? Merzbow anyone?
Couldn't find any limiter use, or at least only to a miniscule amount. 
Differences were very local, and if so, in a .1dB range. Same goes 
(although in a rougher "first view") for the frequency curve. As all the 
discussion (both here and referenced by members here) shows: sometimes 
even a low price is way overpriced...

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