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Re: @Bill, empty loop, or looperlative/EDP trick (composition?)

Mark Hamburg wrote:
> I used to use the SUS replace trick fairly heavily when I was performing 
>with the EDP.

At one time the unquantised version was all the rage.

> (My Y2K6 set contains an extended example.) Following up on a discussion 
>at Y2KX 
>about reaching out to a broader audience and setting expectations, 
>I've been mulling over why this trick whether on EDP or Looperlative is 
>all the rage in the Live Looping community, but it would be surprising
> to see someone at a looping event simply manipulating a sequencer. 
>Is there a critical difference for the audience in the sounds produced?

There are many differences, but as to whether those differences are
relevant to an individual audience member I've no idea.

What appeals to me is the ability to create a dialog between
loop and (usually) guitar. 

Also the ability to produce a radically different sound
to the usual available pallet without carrying any more

The only time I've had potential audience decide looping
wasn't for them on technical grounds was due to them 
being convinced that the loop would be static and unchanging,
and that this would be boring for them. 

andy butler