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Re: @Bill, empty loop, or looperlative/EDP trick (composition?)

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On 14 Nov 2010, at 01:46, Mark Hamburg <mark@grubmah.com> wrote:
I've been mulling over why this trick whether on EDP or Looperlative
is all the rage in the Live Looping community, but it would be
surprising to see someone at a looping event simply manipulating a
sequencer. Is there a critical difference for the audience in the
sounds produced?
> Mark

Mybe not, but firstly i think its because replace is one of those
techniques that pretty much shouts "i use a looper as an instrument,
as opposed to a multi tracker. I believe these are the 2 main types of
looping. And using replace is a bit of a statement. Your second point
about a sequencer I think relates more to the nature of LIVE looping,
and as such sequencers are a bit of a no no, not live us it???