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Re: small battery powered, stereo amp.....ORANGE MICRO CRUSH 6S

Bill Walker name checked the Vox DA5

I own an early 70s Fender Champ and the Vox DA5
and I have to say that the Vox DA5 blows away the Champ
(could be my tubes or speaker are fatigued on the Champ to
be honest) but love my Vox DA5.

I'm blown away that it sounds this good for it's size, miniscule
wattage (5) and it's price.

I got mine in Red for $80 but I just priced them all over the web at $139.

If Bill can get you one through Union Grove, I can't more highly recommend
On top of that,  you'll be supporting a bunch of cool artists who work 
like mee bro and mee wife!

Awesome amplifier in any color.

Get two of 'em, Scoots.......you'll be in battery powered stereo heaven.

Also,  I put mine up on inexpensive keyboard stands (along with my battery
Roland Bass amp which is the identical size) so that you can walk up to it
to get that sweet feedback spot at very reasonable volumes.

I split my guitar signal and run one through treble distortion effects
and the other through bass distortion effects with an excellent Danelectro
Chili Dog octaver.   It's a mighty sound for such a small set up.

Rick Walker