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Re: OT:Intsant Song Mastering

André Donawa schrieb:
> This looks really interesting.
> Going to try it later today.
> http://www.instantsongmastering.com
Funnily, there's no references at all about the experience and knowledge 
of the people involved. For that reason, I find the following hard to 
believe (quoting from their FAQ):
"If this is "Instant", is the quality as good as other services?*
The quality is not only as good, it's better!"

In other words, it is really better than, say, Bob Katz, or Bob Ludwig?

Looks to me like the following business idea. An engineering student 
with a focus on audio technology did the processing portion as a 
semester project. One of his friends (studying for MBA) said "hey, this 
is the perfect business opportunity! We already got the code, a server 
is cheap, so to balance costs, we only need one customer per month!"

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