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Re: softstep. anyone using it successfully?

> On Nov 10, 2010, at 9:55 PM, ^|>^m wrote:
> I LOVE the feel of the pedal.  

Interesting.  So far I HATE the feel of the pedal, or rather the lack
thereof.  There is absolutely zero tactile feedback especially if you
are wearing shoes.  I'm accustomed with mechanical pedals to lightly
resting my foot on the pedal to make sure I'm on it, then pressing it
when ready.  You have to carefully adjust the sensitivity of each pad
so they don't misfire.  But if the pads aren't sensitive enough 
they won't trigger so I tend to overcompensate and really stomp
on them.   I guess we should view this like an "instrument" that
we have to learn to "play" but at the moment I find myself thinking
way to hard about getting an accurate press.

I wish the back row of pads were raised slightly.  Not as much 
as the FCB but enough so you can feel which row you're over.  Maybe
I just need to ditch the Birkenstocks and invest in some
thin pointy looping shoes.