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Re: @Bill, empty loop, or looperlative trick

Andy said One thing that the Looperlative does which helps this is that once you have a footswitch set up to do an 8th replace
it responds in an interesting way to multiple taps.
It will automatically
do as many replaces as you do taps with a gap between each.
That makes it very easy to get some kind of recognizable rhythm happening.
 I found this out by not being able to control my habit of double tapping, having not been raised on a sus command machine like the EDP, I've always  gotten used to replace being a function you had to punch in and out of,  and realizing I had just added two sus replace notes. So Andy am I to understand that you were the guy who conceived of  8th replace function on the EDP?  For those just tuning in it  is the inspiration for the quantize replace feature on the Looperlative, and can also be found in Mobius and Matthias' new EvoLoop which i saw the prototype of and was really excited by. So my question, can you set the EDP's 8th replace function to a variety of different beat divisions like you can on the LP-1?  I really love using this technique over an 12, 10 or 9 beat subdivision, in addition to my most often used 16. The looperlative's ability to go as high as a subdivision of 128 makes it really interesting for crazy glitching over a short loop length.