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Re: softstep. anyone using it successfully?

Dear Softstep users,
Finally out of frustration with my Softstep and after e mailing them about returning this item,Jon Short the sales representative told me how to get through him by diling the 0 on their support hotline,since i was angry about not even being able to talk to them personally.So i recomend any of you frustrated SS users to call him and let him know whats going on.
After pouring all my frustrations he finally accepted that they had done wrong releasing his device so quickly and unfinished.He himself admitted to being frustrated because he is a user as well.
The good news is that they are willing to extend the returns and release updates until we are happy and keep our softsteps.He said they are going to do everything possible to get this thing running properly as quickly as possible.I pointed out that out of neccesity Mark created a softstep user yahoo groups for them to help us but they dont seem to be showing any interest since we havent heard from them.
So he apologize and told me to send him the yahoo adress and he was going to have a meeting with the company to setup their forum as soon as possible and get us all going.
I also suggested to stay close to several people who are knowledgable about the issues with it and could perhaps do beta testing more effectively,like our dear Jeff Larson, Andy Butler and anybody who is knowledgable and is willing to work with them and get this device functioning the way is supposed to.He was really excited to hear about that and mentioned how valuable the people at loopers delight are to them,since is the smartest mailing list and we all seem to know what other midi controllers have been missing.
So he promised to let us all know about their return policy,basically saying we can return it at any time if we arent happy with it and dont want to wait,but he begged me to be patient and stay in close comunication with them as to what the problems are.He said that one fo the problems is that they are overwelmed with support emails and trying to make everybody happy,and when they release an update they improve it but for rushing other things go wrong.He said that the Softstep will be a very deep device and the most awesome of all and with our help is going to make us all happy in the future.
I suggested to start making people happy now by stripping down the functionality to the most basic,sending simple midi messages like regular hardware midi controllers in a reliable way without any crashes or glitches and then add from there.he also agreed on this.
So any ideas please call them or write them and let them know,im not an expert on midi or beta testing but at least i know they are willing to work with us and want this device to become a success.

here is Jons email:

and for support talk to sarah:


if you call wait till the answering machine gives you the options and dile the 0 and talk to Jon,i believe he is there from 9am to 5pm mon through Friday.



On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 12:23 AM, Christopher Darrow <thedarrow@gmail.com> wrote:

I'd be happy to hear it to. That's why god invented the OT prefix.

Besides, I'm sure information about your looping techniques will necessarily be intwined with the SoftStep functionality. Could be quite telling!

(And I just bought one last night.... bottom line, should I cancel or keep?!)

---Christopher "I-wish-I-took-up-knitting-instead" Darrow

On Nov 10, 2010, at 1:50 PM, looppool@cruzio.com wrote:

>> anyone using the softstep and wanna talk shop offline???
> Would you mind, terribly,  talking shop online, Zoe?
> I'm fascinated by this product but so far, unconvinced,
> and could benefit from your discussions.
> If you mind, no worries, but I thought I'd ask.
> rick