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Re: softstep. anyone using it successfully?

I'd be happy to hear it to. That's why god invented the OT prefix. 

Besides, I'm sure information about your looping techniques will 
necessarily be intwined with the SoftStep functionality. Could be quite 

(And I just bought one last night.... bottom line, should I cancel or 

---Christopher "I-wish-I-took-up-knitting-instead" Darrow

On Nov 10, 2010, at 1:50 PM, looppool@cruzio.com wrote:

>> anyone using the softstep and wanna talk shop offline???
> Would you mind, terribly,  talking shop online, Zoe?
> I'm fascinated by this product but so far, unconvinced,
> and could benefit from your discussions.
> If you mind, no worries, but I thought I'd ask.
> rick