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Re: $280 Midi Guitar Coming from Fender

At 2010.11.08 10:31 AM, Mark Showalter wrote:
> > Mark Showalter wrote:
> > > Hello Andy,
> > >
> > > I was referring to the use of a whammy bar, if I understood the
> > > post I was responding to. The GR-30 can be set per patch to use
> > > either fixed pitches or to respond to bends, &
> > > it does a fairly good job of it. The problem with using a whammy
> > > bar would be that all of the strings would be varying in pitch &
> > > that would be a lot of info to try to track.
> >
> > So that's a hypothetical?
>What's a hypothetical?

He was wondering if you were speaking from experience or just postulating.

> > Or a known fault of the GR-30?

He was asking if you were specifically referring to a bug in the 
implementation of the GR-30 that has been reported elsewhere (known).

>Just thinking out loud here.

And that answers his questions.