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Re: DD-20 (was Re: Boomerang 3)

Creating seamless drones with the DD 20 should be rather done with the 
modes (put on long feedback) . You can switch
then from one mode to another to work with two separate modes. Attention: 
You can NOT switch back to the first used mode
cause the sounds on the first mode will be deleted. Thatīs not so good 
the DD 20.
The delay modes though are very good, I find. Work a lot with it on 
soundscapes. Much better doing these with the
DD 20 than the RC 50.
Nice Day!

From: "Mark Hamburg" <mark@grubmah.com>
Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2010 7:17 AM
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Subject: DD-20 (was Re: Boomerang 3)

> So, I take it you are using one of the delay modes on the DD-20 as 
> to the sound-on-sound mode? The description on the BOSS site seemed to 
> suggest that the sound-on-sound mode can't go straight into overdub (the 
> essential trick to creating seamless drones).
> Mark
> On Nov 1, 2010, at 7:56 PM, Jeff Duke wrote:
>> ah, stiff! ok, I'll try...... Sorry ahead of time from the future. (I 
>> have read what I wrote now).
>> When using a long delay for looping such as the Boss DD 20.... I will 
>> focus on what it can do that a phrase sampler such as the 2880/M9 and 
>> Boomer + can't.
>> I can set the loop length before I press the effect on button by 
>> the external momentary button. Or I can have it recording  and set it 
>> the fly. I do it both ways.
>> With it off  I can tap the loop length up to 23 sec then press the on 
>> button to begin playing/recording. Feedback is already on at whatever I 
>> have set it for. I can re tap the loop length shorter with one tap 
>> I reach the max that is set or twice to set a longer loop (this is hard 
>> to explain but easy to do). This makes it very easy to zero in or 
>> the loop length in an improv situation. Re triggering the loop length 
>> very important to me.
>> Also the feedback knob may be adjusted at any time. Or I can get a riff 
>> or phrase going, turn the FB knob all the way up for infinite repeats. 
>> Press the effect off button and play over the top. Backing off a bit on 
>> the fb knob so it begins to fade I can press the advance preset and go 
>> the next slot with it's own FB, loop level, loop length already set and 
>> ready to tweak the same way. In the meantime loop 1 is still fading out 
>> at whatever I have left it set at. And so on through the 5 preset 
>> locations.The caveat is that after more than one advance it cuts off 
>> first one and you can't go back to an earlier one to tweak again. Not 
>> really an issue for me.
>> I rarely get clicks from re triggering it this way, I get smooth drones 
>> always. It is a very free, expressive way to loop for me being an all 
>> improv hard ambient guy. Being able to leave one loop fading out while 
>> bringing in another is free and not stiff.
>> I use it before the 2880 and after the M9 looper for the best of both 
>> worlds sort of :) The thing is that delays can't or haven't been made 
>> that can do the octave/reverse/stutter thing. Only phrase samplers can 
>> that (so far).
>> Sorry for the ramble. I guess stiff for me means being locked into a 
>> looped phrase with no way out except to let it fade if I'm lucky enough 
>> to have some kind of feedback control or just stop it cold. No way to 
>> adjust the length/feedback on the fly.
>>  I do see that the Boomerang III with the expression pedal could be the 
>> perfect replacement for my 2880 which is what I had started this thread 
>> about oh so long ago, lol. The 2880 lacks headroom!!! I still need a 
>> phrase sampler for the reverse/octave on the fly stuff.