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RE: softstep and mobius users

If you're on Windows get MIDI-OX, if you're on Mac get MidiMonitor and see what it is sending. 

My guess is that you're getting the note and also some CCs in response to the pressure, kind

of like aftertouch on a keyboard.  If so then you'll need to disable pressure sensitivity, that would

certainly confuse the MIDI learn window. 





From: Louie Angulo [mailto:louie.angulo@googlemail.com]
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Subject: Re: softstep and mobius users


Well i must be doof as well,Im having a hard time just to set it to trigger the record function on mobius! ive set it up to send a note message on the modulation window but when i do a midi learn in the mobius midi control window its still sending a weird CC of 47 and it triggers record in a very quickly and unstable way as if it ws sending more messages at once!
ive wasted the whole morning on this,it reminds me of the liquid foot i hope this is not the case again,the more i go through sofisticated footcontrollers the more i appreciate the cheap and bulky FCB1010!