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Re: Boomerang 3

On Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 5:46 AM, Mike <mnelson@boomerangmusic.com> wrote:
> Hi loopers,
> I'll be visiting LD for a little while to answer any Boomerang(R) III
> questions that may arise.

Hi Mike,
I'm an ambient looper and was quite happy when I heard about the
version 2 freestyle feature. I would like to know how feedback/decay
exactly works on the Rang III. From what I understand from the manual
and from Todd Matthews here on LD, is that you have a decay knob to
control feedback. My question: does decay work for each track
individually or does it only work in overdub/stack mode on  the
current track? Example: is it possible to set decay to 70% with track
1 in play mode causing a slow fade out of the track without adding new
audio to the loop itself? Or use track 2 to create a new loop at the
same time with decay on 50% for example?


Sjaak Overgaauw