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Re: drum machine

Thanks for the comments and suggestions. It's been fun reading and  
reminiscing about the machines I've known in the past. Not that I  
don't like real drummers.

I even picked up a copy of Rebirth for my iPhone and was playing with  
it a bit yesterday. I'm not even into techno anymore, but it was fun.  
I'm a mac user, too. So I may check out iDrum.

That said, even though it's a heavy unit to haul around, I really like  
the 909--easy to program and individual outs for stomp boxes.


On Aug 10, 2010, at 9:44 AM, Rick Walker wrote:

> @ billbrig
> Yeah,  the TR 909 has become de riguer for the techno folks and the  
> TR 808 (which had analogue sounds) and preceeded it
> has become de riquer for the hip hop crowd.      Ironically,  the TR  
> 707 never has made an impact on modern music.
> for what it's worth,  I have all the sounds from the 909 and the 808  
> in that sample collection I offered.
> In that collection, however,  I did not organize them by specific  
> drum machine but, rather,  organized them
> by kinds of sounds............as an example I have a folder called  
> Analogue Backbeats and inside that folder I have
> folders with timbral and envelope organizations of different snare  
> drum sounds.
> @ rev feever
>  thanks for mentioning the Casio sampling machine......I want to get  
> one!
> @  per boysen
> thanks for mentioning the iDrum,   I've not had anything to  
> recommend to my students who are only on Macs.
> Is it a freeware plug?
> @ rainer         Actually,  I"m a monster fan of what Matt Davignon  
> does with his drum machine work.
> What is wonderful about it, however, is not the drum machine he uses  
> (which is fairly prosaic as drum machines go)
> but how creatively he processes sounds so that it sound specifically  
> different from the stock sounds that come with it.
> If you guys have not purchased any of his drum machine records,  I  
> highly recommend them.    I like them all but
> I fell in love with BWOO.
> So perhaps I should have said that I think that Fruity Loops is the  
> most versatile drum machine and has the most options
> for tweaking sounds so that they sound individualistic and 'fresh'.
> bill bigrig wrote:
>> Howdy,
>> I bought my TR-909 brand new, with waratee, for $299 when Roland  
>> remaindered them, just like the MV-30 for $699. I was universally  
>> ridiculed for buying a machine that didn't sound like "real" drums, 
>> (the 707 had just come out). I didn't care, it was all I could  
>> afford. Fast forward 15 years and all the technos & rappers were  
>> using them. I was lucky. Still am. I wish you could get one for  
>> that price. You might want to check out the DJX-II. IT has a LOT of  
>> 909 on it. If you're into techno, it has a lot more.
>> Rig