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Re: Looping on Iphone with Bebot - FUN (link to "music")

At 12:58 PM +0000 8/9/10, Anders Bergdahl wrote:
>Hey, i got an Iphone recently and found Bebot and even more (sales 
>pitch voice on) it LOOPS and glitches and does COOL stuff!! Very 
>funn to do some looping on the bus..
>I just plugged my Iphone into my laptop and recorded a quick "thing" 
>all loopine i Bebot omly delay and reverb are added in the laptop....
>Down load it NOW... it really really FUN.. lets hear more jams on 
>this little gem!!

Hah!  I love Bebot.  I grabbed it first thing when I got my iPhone 
last year, and it's remained one of my favorite "tinker and relax" 
apps (along with BT's 'Sonifi' app) ever since.  In fact, I was just 
playing with it while waiting for pizza take-out in the car last 
night, and wondering if they'd ported it to the iPad yet.  I love 
futzing around with the Scale presets, then practicing wild prog-rock 
synth runs. :D

Great fun, and I can't believe how good it sounds for a phone app. 
I've still got an older version, so I didn't realize they'd added 
looping and glitching.  Gotta go check for updates now....

"i've got no houston to wind down to. i've got no protocol...."