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Re: this ever happen to you?


I remember over a dozen years ago (before I'd given up playing at  
local venues here in Medford. Oregon) when some bar-flys came up  
pigeon-holed us and would not let us continue quietly setting up our  
gear until we told them exactly what sort of music we played.

In typical looper fashion, we started (unfortunately) by trying to  
describe what it was **not** ("Well, it's not exactly jazz, and it's  
not really rock-and-roll, and it's not dance music, and there's no  
singer...") you know how it is, we were stuck.

They continued to obstruct, distract, harrass, and pester us (and were  
really kinda snide about it) and wouldn't let us be or continue until  
we could come up with a satisfactory, simplistic, one or two word  
label for what it was we'd be playing that night.

I'll never forget it . . . it was like a light-bulb went on over the  
drummers head . . . and he turned to them and said confidently . . .  
"Easy Listening."

 From that time on they left us alone, and in fact, their one little  
table of 3 finished their drinks and left the building and never came  
back - problem solved.


On Jul 29, 2010, at 6:11 PM, stanitarium@earthlink.net wrote:

> i remember a scene like this @ loopstock in Los Osos(whenever that  
> was...)