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Re: OT: Lexicon Vortex (maybe) For Sale


I've seen them advertised for between $175 and $275 (Ebat asking  
prices, I'm not sure if anyone pays either).

I already own and use two so I'm not in the market for a third.

For those that can get into programming them they are amazing.

Andy Butler is the expert hereabout though.

There was a period of time there for a while that I never played  
without at least one at all times.


On Jul 17, 2010, at 1:08 PM, ejyuhas wrote:

> Fellow Loopers…
> Just wondering what the current price is for a used, but very good  
> condition Lexicon Vortex.
> I’m thinking of selling mine…bought it used a few years back from  
> someone on this list, but its time to part ways.
> For some reason, I never could grasp the full use potential of it,  
> so time to let go.
> You can email me privately…oh, yeh…it has the Lexicon Step/Bypass  
> pedal and wall wart.
> Thanks,
> Edward Yuhas
> (Ed in NJ)