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Re: Rép : Multi-tracks loopers questions

...but that leaves the loop length unchanged.

 Then use sync  bounce  (or regular bounce)which automatically stops the loop or loops you bounce as it begins to play the track you jsut bounced to would that work not sure I;m even following you.

I found the combination Stop>Rec will do it
so I can re-record that dodgy rhythm loop without
breaking the flow of the intro to a piece.

 see above
Of course, that button won't then end the recording, that's gonna
take some getting used to.


The obsession about getting a good set of buttons into just one bank
is because I like to improvise structure as much as I like to
improvise content.
understood, my main bank has 1 sync/record dub, 2 sync  bounce, 3 play/stop now, 4 quantize replace 5 track speed, , 6 replace/reverse , 7 all tracks, 8 replace+track speed, 9 multiply, 10 erase+feedback 100%, my two extra switches  are next track and previous track, but one could simple lean over to the front panel to execute those moves.

I agree it does make sense to have more than one bank available, especially
with the Gordius using "song" mode.
(allows a string of commands to be executed when the bank is loaded)
...but I really need that bank that does all my common functions.
(or at least, that's what I think now.).