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AC?DC power supply

Title: MP-201 Manual.indd

been away for a while being a nomade. will soon have a proper house where I can set up my studio in style.
Need to supply power to the following effects, filters, synths, loopers :

Moog MP-201 pedal : 12VAC power 0.5A

Moogerfooger MF103 : 9VDC power 0,5A

Moogerfooger MIDI MuRF : 9VDC power 0,5A

Sherman FB2 : 15VAC power 0,5A


Looperlative LP1 : b9VDC power  1,1A 

Gordius BLG : 9VDC power 0,5A


Prophet 08 : 13V power 1,15A

Yamaha CSIX : 12VAC power 0,7A

RME multiface : 12VDC power 1,25A


Kaossilator pro : 9VDC power 1,7A

JoMox Tresonator : 9VDC power 0,5A

Korg Wavedrum : 9VDC power 1.7A

Yamaha DTX multi12 : 12VAC 1,5A

ribbon controller

Casio CZ101

What device or pair of devices would have the capacity to produce the appropriate current for all these items?


Antony Hequet

poet composer