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Dance Music for Inanimate Objects

My second project with Ted Killian...

I love that title, especially given the irony that we both can't or don't like to dance. Thanks Ted!!   :)

I can't believe you let me take the lead in the guitar playing...but your grooves are awesome!


Dance Music for Inanimate Objects
Krispen Hartung & Ted Killian

Dance Music for Inanimate Objects is a delightful merge of two ideas from Krispen Hartung and Ted Killian. Both envisioned a project where looped and textured beat and groove samples would serve as a substratum for recording guitar tracks. Killian, long before Hartung, originally planned on recording ambient guitar parts, whereas Hartung was interested in a more free and improvisational jazz guitar approach. Both decided to work together and create "Dance Music for Inanimate Objects". Killian created the beats and grooves, and Hartung played freely over them. The result is a collection of songs that are catchy and make you move, but are also somewhat difficult listening because of the dissonance and chaotic character.

Krispen Hartung - Mini jazz archtop guitar, laptop (looping and effects with Max/MSP)
Ted Killian - Electronic percussion, samples, looping, ambient sounds

Stream all MP3s - http://www.box.net/index.php?rm=box_v2_mp3_player_shared&node=f_247957436&from_folder=1