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Re: support donations (was Re: future of Looper's Delight (long) (T-shirt looks GREAT!)

> The t-shirts are a labor of love as well.

Got mine yesterday and it looks great!  And, it is definitely a HIGH  
quality print job!  I have worked in the T-shirt "biz" in the past  
and I know when a printing job is done well
and professional and THIS one IS!  The image is also fun and kool,  
and even the postage clerk liked it when I opened it up and showed it  
to her!
I am "debuting" it today on the streets of Portland. :-)

> So it is VERY important right now that if anyone wants to donate to  
> help pay cost of the server/hosting, please go to MY website,
> http://undented.com, and donate using the Donate button at the top  
> of the right-hand column.  That goes to a Paypal account that I can  
> access myself.
> All of those donations will be used to support the sites.

Done. I wish it could have been more, but my finances are usually in  
The Sketchy Zone. But for right now, I could handle it with no  
problem and happy to do so.

> The server bill has been overdue for the past week, but the co-lo  
> facility
> is working with us and has given us an extension.  I've told them I  
> will do
> my best to pay on the 1st.

Glad to be able to help in any way I am able to.
If ya can, please send out a donations-reminder whenever needed  and  
that'll likely help to keep some needed "green" coming in. :-)

Thanx again for your incredible efforts, Violet!  (and also thanx to  
any others involved in helping you along with all of this.)

Rev. Fever
Portland, OR

> Violet
> xoxox